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Fruits and vegetables

We offer throughout the year a wide range of fruits and vegetables, mainly cultivated in France, that we select strictly each morning at the Marché d’Intérêt National in Strasbourg.

During the harvest period, we give a priority to authentic products and support local food network thanks to partnerships with local producers using integrated agriculture.


Our wide range of artisan raw milk cheeses comes from a cheese ripener based in Rungis who gives pride of place to passionate producers and offers exceptional cheeses during the holiday season.

We offer a permanent range of cheeses sold by weight, enriched by a periodical selection over the seasons, such as Mozarella di Buffala, Raclette cheeses, Mont d’Or, Tomme au Marc de Raisin or Brie à la Truffe.

Gourmet cheese platters for an aperitif, a cheese meal or as a meal conclusion: the cheeses are chosen based on the season and specific customer demands and placed on wicker platters embellished with fresh or dry fruits. Each cheese is identified.


A small range of delicatessen: a permanent range of soups, chutneys, honey, dried fruits, hand-crafted apple juice, saucissons secs, terrines, dried mushrooms, vinegars and oils available throughout the year, as well as gastronomic products during the holiday season.

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We offer as well the preparation of weekly baskets or the preparation of personalised orders according to your needs and desires.

Preparation of personalised gourmet baskets or hampers according to your desires and budget: fruits, vegetables, Savoie dry sausage, delicatessen products (honey, soups, chutneys, hand-crafted beers from the BAT brewery, Domaines Muré wines).

Gift certificate for the value you want: a practical gift idea. Let recipients choose their favourite products in our shop.


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